Volunteer at the Coro

Why the Coro Needs Volunteers

The Coronation Hall has recently become a charity organisation. Since the management of this great Ulverston community asset has been handed over from South Lakeland District Council to Ulverston Community Enterprises, we have begun making changes to ensure that the Coro will stay open to be enjoyed by the people of Ulverston and the surrounding area for years to come. In order to do this, we need your help.

Funding since parting from SLDC has changed and staffing the building for all the extra shows, entertainment and community based projects has become quite stretched. If you feel you can help in one of the following roles and help maintain our community hub for the future, then please get in touch.


  • Safety of the public whilst in the building, such as evacuation in an emergency
  • Check tickets and guide people to their seats
  • Information about the show: running times, if there is strobe lighting etc.
  • Know fire exits, reporting and helping to sort spillages and hazards
  • Minimise disruptions to shows and events by helping our visitors
  • Alert Duty Manager to any disturbances or incidents

Caretaking – Supporting the Brilliant Team Here

  • Small maintenance and decorating jobs
  • Setting up rooms (or ‘lifty shifty’ © Andy Furness)
  • Refreshments & Cleaning
  • Watch to ensure safety and locking up

Ambassadors – Our Local Marketing Champions

  • Visit the Coro once a month to collect posters & catch up with what’s coming up
  • Put up posters in prominent points in your community such as notice boards
  • Champion forthcoming events by word of mouth and social media
  • Liaise with us on the needs of your area, and feedback, both good and bad
  • Help recruit members in your area
  • Act as a point of contact for visitors during joint visits, putting people in contact for car-sharing etc.
  • Technical

Basic Stage and Equipment Housekeeping

  • Work with the caretakers setting out the hall for various functions including bowling, shows, exhibitions and social gatherings
  • Setting up basic audio-visual equipment for meetings
  • Keeping both the stage and equipment store tidy and hazard free
  • Filing colour filters for the lighting into the correct order and removing any faded or damaged ones

Technical Stage Work

  • Work with the Technical Officer setting up lighting, staging and tab tracks
  • Help as a member of the stage crew for productions (get-ins, performance crew, get outs)
  • Learn how to do the basic operations on both the lighting console and the sound desk

You can learn more about volunteering at the Coro and help support this important community asset by visiting our website: www.corohall.co.uk/jobs-and-volunteering

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