Q) What is Choose Ulverston?

A) The Choose Ulverston website aims to promote Ulverston as a great place to live, work and stay, providing a platform for the town’s unique shops, businesses, events and festivals.

www.chooseulverston.co.uk is directed by Ulverston BID – Ulverston Business Improvement District – with a goal of improving the town’s online presence.

Q) What is Ulverston BID?

A) Ulverston BID – Ulverston Business Improvement District- aims to market the town more effectively to local people and also those outside the area. One of its major priorities is to improve Ulverston’s online presence and promotion with a new website.

Ulverston BID is funded by a levy on businesses in the town, and one of the features of the new website is a business index, to inform people in Ulverston and further afield about the fantastic range of goods and services available right here.

You can find more information about Ulverston BID here – www.ulverstonbid.org.uk

Q) How do I add my business to the website?

A) If you would like to add your business to the Choose Ulverston website please contact us.

For this we will need the following:

  • 1 high res image of the business
  • An overview of what your business provides (not a history)
  • Contact details
  • Website address


To promote your business on the Choose Ulverston website your business address must be within the Ulverston town boundary and contribute towards the Ulverston BID.

Full details are provided in the Ulverston BID Proposal for 2015 -2020. Visit the Ulverston BID website for more information: www.ulverstonbid.org.uk To read the full proposal, including a map of the Ulverston BID town boundary, click the link (link opens in a PDF): www.ulverstonbid.org.uk/Ulverston-Bid-Booklet.pdf

Q) How do I add my event to the website?

A) If you are hosting an event in the town, please email us via the contact page and we will get back to you about the information we need to add your event to the site. However, due to the large number of events being hosted in Ulverston we will only be able to add ‘large sized’ events and will not be able to add them all. We will also not be able to add weekly or monthly events to the “What’s On” page. If you however have an Ulverston business page on our website, we can add a sentence to your page describing your weekly or monthly event.

We can also promote your event via social media. If you email us via the contact page and let us know about your event, we may also be able to add your event to our Facebook page and promote it via Twitter. You can also post your event via Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #chooseulverston for further social media exposure.

Q) How can I change the text for my business or event on the website?

A) Get in touch via the contact page and we will aim to make changes to the site within 5 days.

Q) Can I help with adding content to the website?

A) If you have local knowledge of the area or about an Ulverston subject and would like to write about it, then we would love to hear from you. A number of different people contribute to Choose Ulverston and we welcome new additions to the site.

Q) Can I add a “good news” story? 

A) If you feel you have a “good news” story about Ulverston, including information about events and businesses, then we would be happy to look over your story and publish it on the site. You will need to provide us with a good high-res image and a few paragraphs of text for your article.

We cannot guarantee that your article will be published, however, particularly if we already have a large number of articles on the site or if the subject or the content of the article is not deemed suitable.

Q) How does the “Featured Business” section work?

A) We aim to have a new business on the home page each month focusing on a company in Ulverston. We will also promote the page via social media. The “Featured Business” will be chosen at random, but we will be looking at businesses that freely offer text and images for us to use and promote. The “Featured Business” section will also only be a business we already have on the site. If you are not currently on the site then please get in touch.

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