Ulverston’s Open: Visitor Information Point and Courtesy Toilet Scheme

Ulverston Council have released updated information about the Visitor Information Point (VIP) and Courtesy Toilet Scheme as part of the Ulverston’s Open initiative.

The initiative’s aim is to promote Ulverston by highlighting the information point available to visitors, as well as measures aimed at increasing accessibility in the town.

Visitor Information Point (VIP)

The council highlight the Visitor Information Point, which is located in the Market Hall, open three days a week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Local volunteers staff the VIP, which offers information to people visiting the town and exploring the local area – as well as info on Ulverston’s numerous festivals and attractions.

Courtesy Toilet Scheme

The town council also mention various businesses in the town who have kindly offered the use of their facilities for free as part of Ulverston’s Courtesy Toilet Scheme.

Businesses participating in the scheme include Ulverston Railway Station, Red Rose Club, Coronation Hall, Royal British Legion, Market Hall, Costa Coffee, Ford Park Coach House Café and The Mill.

Ulverston Town Council also manage one public convenience located near the Gill Car Park, which is open 7 days a week from 7am – 7pm, at a charge of 20p.

View the above image for more details on the facilities available for the Courtesy Toilet Scheme, including opening times and accessibility information at each location. (Click to view a larger image of the leaflet here.)

For more information about the initiatives contact Ulverston Town Council on 01229 585778, or email admin@ulverstoncouncil.org.uk.

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