Ulverston in Autumn – Photo Competition Winner

Thank you for all the entries into the Choose Ulverston – Ulverston in Autumn Photo Competition. We have had a lot of great entries which made it hard to pick a winner. I’ve picked one and added a few of my personal favourites too. Thank you to Bici Cafe for sponsoring the competition as well.

The brief: ” We are looking for your autumn photos of the town, shots that capture the beauty of Ulverston at this time of year.  Subjects can include the town, the countryside, landscape, wildlife and nature, just so long as they are on the theme of autumn. ”

Winner: Amanda Callow

Ulverston in Autumn – Photo Competition Winner
Amanda Callow

I picked this one as the winner for a few reasons. It looks like it may have been early morning/late afternoon, as the shadows are quite long and the light is nice and soft. The trees are backlit creating silhouettes against the colour. I like how it’s about a 50/50 split between the dark trees on the left that the sun can’t reach contrasting with the autumn colours on the right. This helps with the composition too, as it’s made of light and dark areas leading your eye around the photo.

Personal Favourites

There could only be one winner but I’ve picked out a few other photos that I liked too. Not in any particular order:

Ulverston in Autumn – Photo Competition Winner
Keith Grafton

Early morning light with the mist rising over the canal. I like the combination of the sunrise and the mist.

Ulverston in Autumn – Photo Competition Winner
Lee Graham

A late night adventure up Hoad monument. This one made me smile. It looks like a adventure up Hoad with the kids to look at the lights surrounded by the mist. Bet it was a fun adventure.

Ulverston in Autumn – Photo Competition Winner
Matthew P Phillips

Autumn leaves on the path near St Mary’s Hospice. I like the layers of colours contrasting with the greys of the stone wall.


Ulverston in Autumn – Photo Competition Winner
Viviana García

Waiting by the tracks on a misty day. I like the straight lines in the composition, it draws your eye through the image.

If you have been inspired by these photographs and you’re looking to get into photography, why not visit Photo Express in Ulverston, and get yourself a camera?

Thank you,

Adam Kappa

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