The Plastic Bottles Co, Ulverston

When it comes to finding a market leader in sustainability, look no further than The Plastic Bottles Co.

Ulverston’s family-led game-changers. Founded by Julie and Glenn Doherty, who originally began their business supplying acetone, The Plastic Bottles Co. haven’t just redefined the bottles business, they’ve set the standard. Combining their commitment to environmental change with the integrity of their customer-first service, The Plastic Bottles Co. prove that a bit of imagination, creativity and passion can lead to a tangible impact on the world.

As well as offering Post-Consumer Regrind plastic (PCR) – products that have been recycled and processed for use in new manufacturing – allowing customers to choose from a variety of materials at a price point that suits their budget, The Plastic Bottles Co. also champions the use of bioplastics in manufacture. Made from sugar cane, bioplastics have the same chemical composition as regular plastics. Great for the customer, and even better for the environment.


Constantly looking for new ways to adapt and grow, The Plastic Bottles Co. continually strives for excellence. The world is constantly changing, bringing new challenges and opportunities that they are excited to meet. If you have a product need they don’t already stock, just get in touch: they’ll always do their best to help.

Combine all that with an ISO 9001 Quality Management System stamp of approval, and it’s easy to see why Ulverston is proud to be the home of a company that champions the environment, invests and nurtures its staff, and has a long track record of trust and transparency with its customers.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about The Plastic Bottle Company, please get in touch using the details below.

Contact Details:

Address: The Plastic Bottles Company Sandside, Ulverston LA12 9EG

Call: 01229 588877 or 01229 588468



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