Lantern Festival Asks Drivers to Respect Road Closures in Ulverston Town Centre

Festival organisers have released information about upcoming road closures for this Saturday’s event. Read full details below.

‘Ulverston Lantern Festival is warning local residents that they will not be able to drive around the town centre roads from 7.00pm to 10.00pm on Saturday, September 25th because of road closures that will be in force to ensure the safety of processions and the thousands of people on the streets to enjoy the event.

Festival Chair Chris Nelson commented: “Most people are aware of the closures around the festival and we very much appreciate their patience and co-operation. But because the festival did not take place last year, and the date is later than usual, we are making an extra effort to inform people that the town centre will be effectively closed to traffic on Saturday night from 7.00pm until 10.00pm.

“Incredibly, we regularly get drivers trying to force their way through the roads while the closures are still in force – endangering families in the processions and thousands of people on the streets to enjoy the event.

“We will try to open the roads earlier if at all possible, but anyone attempting to drive on roads legally closed are risking lives and need to be aware that they may not be covered by their motor insurance.”

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Festival organisers are also warning pet owners that the firework display at Ford Park will be taking place earlier than normal – around 9.00pm – so residents should ensure their pets are indoors.

South Lakeland District Council has authorised closing roads to traffic around the town centre to allow the festival to take place safely. That means no vehicles can drive on the town centre roads from 7.00pm to 10.00pm, except those vehicles involved in Ulverston Lantern Festival and emergency vehicles. Police will be assisting stewards to enforce the road closures and barriers will be in place.

The roads affected by closures are: King Street, Queen Street, Buxton Place, Well Street, Lower Brook Street, Fountain Street, Mill Street, Stanley Street from the junction with Garden Terrace to The Gill, Soutergate from the junction with Fountain Street to the junction with Garden Terrace, Church Walk from the junction with Mill Street to Tarnside, Hart Street from the junction to Brewery Street to the junction to Sunderland Terrace, Sunderland Terrace from the junction with Hart Street to the junction with Swan Street, Swan Street, Market Street, Union Street, Brewery Street, Cavendish Street, Theatre Street, County Square, New Market Street, Daltongate from the junction with Market Street to the junction with Stockbridge Lane, Brewery Street, Fountain Street.

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