Hoad from The Gill – Chittery Lane Walk

Step by Step

  • Start at The Gill
  • Head up Stanley Street and then turn right at Garden Terrace and then left up Soutergate
  • Walk about 0.2 miles/0.32 km up the road and turn right up Chittery Lane
  • You will reach a T-junction, go left and follow the track and you will start to get a view of Ulverston to your left.
  • The track curves around the hill and will come out on a straight section going down the hill, you will get a nice view over Hoad, Ulverston and the bay to your right.
  • Keep walking and you will get to a gate, go through and follow the path on your right, this will take you to the top of Hoad.
  • Once you reach the top you will be immediately confronted by views across to the Lake District and down over Ulverston town and Morecambe Bay.
  • Take in the views and then start to make your way back down the stone path, about 0.04 miles/0.06 km down the track you need to head right and then join onto the path that goes down to the bottom.
  • At the bottom of this track is a gate, go through it and take a left shortly followed by a right to head into Ford Park.
  • Follow the path which will then come out on Ford Park Crescent
  • Ford Park Crescent then merges with Hart Street and then Fountain Street
  • At the end of Fountain Street cross the road and go up Mill Street (You will see the Mill on the right)
  • This will bring you back out onto The Gill


Difficulty – Uphill from the start but the climbs are quite gradual.

Wheelchair Friendly – No

Things to See  – Wildlife, Landscape, The Canal, The Coast, Shops

Places to Eat/Drink – Bici Cafe, Ford Park Cafe, The Mill, The Kings Arms (Big Kings)

Distance – 2.42 miles/3.89 km

Terrain – Roads, rough track and grass – wear boots

Start point – The Gill

Watch the walkYouTube

Map Markers:
1 . View over Hoad and the Bay
2. Gate
3. View over the Lake District and Ulverston

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