Royal Northern Sinfonia

We welcome the Royal Northern Sinfonia back to Ulverston for a brace of concerti, and an ebullient symphonic ending.
Written in 1784, for one of his most talented students, Barbara Ployer, the G major concerto is one of Mozart’s most sensitive and witty. Immediately a success, it was one of only six concertos published during his life time. The opening movement is built upon a stylised good natured military march, the C major slow movement employs some astounding dissonances alternating with major-minor switches, while the closing final movement is a witty set of variations in the mood of comic opera.

Saint-Saëns cello concerto, considered by many great composers (including Shostakovich and Rachmaninov) to be the finest cello concerto written, defies tradition, and is composed in one continous movement, with three distinct sections. The music is tremendously demanding, especially in the fast third section, but nonetheless, the concerto remains a firm favourite of the virtuoso cellists.

At its premiere in 1813, Beethoven commented that his Symphony No.7 was one of his best works, and at that premiere, the second movement was so popular that audiences demanded an encore! The work is in the joyful key of A major, and has perhaps one of the most uplifting and exhilarating finales of the classical period.



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Standard: £32     Under 30s: £16.50

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Standard: £27     Under 30s: £14

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