Sunflower Lanyard Scheme for Invisible Disabilities Launched by the Mayor of Ulverston

A Sunflower Lanyard scheme for invisible disabilities has been launched by the Mayor of Ulverston.

The scheme, currently operated by airports and rail companies and being trialled by Sainsbury’s and Tesco, has been launched by the Mayor in a bid to make Ulverston a more disability friendly town.

Ulverston Town Council, who have announced the initiative, said in a statement:

The aim of the scheme is to ensure that anybody with an invisible disability who is wearing a sunflower emblem which is either a lanyard, ribbon or badge are instantly recognisable to shop and business staff as somebody who might need a little bit more assistance as they have a hidden disability.

The scheme will be officially launched by the Mayor Cllr Sharon Webster on 30 July at the Visitor Information Point in the Market Hall.

The Mayor said “Ulverston is a very friendly town for everybody, this new scheme will just make people aware that if somebody is struggling may have a hidden disability and may need some more assistance.

All shops taking part in the scheme will feature a sunflower logo in their window.

The scheme is entirely free. All businesses who would like to participate can collect sunflower emblems from the following places in town:

  • Ulverston Town Council office, County Square
  • Ulverston Mind
  • Ulverston Library
  • The Visitor Information Point in the Market Hall
  • SLDC desk – Coronation Hall
  • Box Office – Coronation Hall

For more information about the Sunflower Lanyard scheme contact Ulverston Town Council on 01229 585778. Email:

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